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January 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

PR agency Grayling have teamed up with Celebrity chef James Martin and Canned Food UK to create and promote the first APP to promote cooking with Tinned foods.

The app will have recipes with tinned food as a meal or snack. The app is also said to highlight the tinned food as a source of both nutrition and convenience.

Steve Thomas, chairman of Canned Food UK, on the PR Week report said: ‘How people access information has changed significantly, and we want to make it as easy as possible for consumers to learn about the benefits of canned food. The audience we communicate with now are using digital and social media more frequently – from silver surfers to parent bloggers. As a result, we have always tried to use digital content such as webcasts, podcasts, webchats and downloadable information to engage with consumers through channels including YouTube and our website. The iPhone app is another effective way to do this.’

The app is free so all for all you iPhoners, wiz in the kitchen or not, try it out!



November 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

After an interesting Web Communication seminar and the purchase of my new iPhone 4 I have become slightly obsessed with downloading mobile apps, and keep managing to find more and more on literally everything from BBC News to Twitter to WordPress to Games to Topshop and my personal favourite, the Philadelphia cheese recipes app. But how have these applications at the touch of a button become so popular?

I am a huge fan of the app, intact I’m using my WordPress app to write this now! Apps such as Facebook  have enabled me to keep up to date with social networking constantly and having news apps such as BBC and Sky News means can read the headlines and choose a story to read in seconds. I just wonder how many more can actually be created, and soon will everything we tap into be condensed into an icon on our screens?

Google apps such as Google Desktop , a desktop search application used to search for files local to your computer, became popular purely because they made life easier for the user. But, for me, apps have were made what they are today when my friend bought an iPod touch.

Apple claim that their App Store is the ultimate source for mobile apps, with a huge 300,000 apps in practically every category and that’s with more being developed all the time! Browsing through the App Store, it is truly amazing just how many apps exist. The categories range from Entertainment, Lifestyle, Finance, Sports, Travel and loads more. The Apps can be very entertaining and although I’m not a gaming girl, iCopter and TapTap revenge are extremely addictive. Most importantly, apps  enable the user to receive information such as breaking news, recipes, cinema times and programs such as Spotify to their finger tips from the familiar icon the touch screen. Click on the links to see just how many there are, and get downloading if you have a iPhone or iPod touch, loads are free!

Apple aren’t the only one’s with the App bug, other smart phones such as Blackberry enable very similar Apps to be downloaded.

So, it would seem  Apple and other corporations are constantly updating and modifying their apps to make them even better, and through the growing popularity of Apple technology and the iPhone, I believe more and more apps will be developed because right now, they do make life a lot easier and my mobile phone a lot more useful. I love apps.

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