Student Treats, my ‘Big Idea’

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A proffessional report I did about 6 months ago outlining how I would market my ‘Big Idea’ Student Treats.


This is a report into the marketing strategy of a new online company ‘Student Treats’. This company enables friends and family of students at university to choose personal items to send in a gift wrapped package anywhere in the UK. The items include food, stationary, home ware, toiletries and specialised items. The unique selling point of this company is that the packages are completely personalised and the customer can choose, online, exactly which items will be sent to the student, making it completely personalised.

The company’s demographic is ages 18+ this will appeal to both friends of students but also parents and grandparents too. This does pose one of the main threats to the company; it is likely many of the older demographic will not be familiar with the internet or online shopping, this may mean the company loses some of the custom it expected to have. Other threats lie in the competitive prices of groceries and home ware in supermarkets and also similar websites that sell pre chosen hampers or packages for students. Opportunities for the company will arise in seasonal periods such as Christmas and Easter, also at the beginning of each academic term. With the aid of a PESTEL analysis, the factors in Student Treat’s Macro Environment have been identified. The main being environmental, Student Treats will endeavour to use recyclable materials when gift wrapping and will encourage customers to recycle.

To market Student Treats effectively, it must be advertised in diverse areas, student websites such as UCAS and The Student Room will take priority so students and parents will be informed, it will also be advertised on social networking for the younger segment and magazines for the older segment of the demographic. Promotional discounts will be advertised during seasonal times and at the beginning of each academic term to ensure business and promotion throughout the year. It has also been advised to advertise in the places discussed above.

It has been recommended that Student Treats observe and challenges both financial competition from supermarkets and similar websites to ensure at all times the company is aware of its competitors. Student Treats should also observe and continue research into competitors such as supermarkets and similar websites to themselves.


This report is an internal report and is a marketing plan for the new online service Student Treats; this is an online shopping product which enables personalised packages to be sent to university students by family and friends. The website enables customers to browse a large number of products and select items to put in their package, for example toiletries, kitchen utensils, fancy dress and food items. The website also contains pictures of the gift wrapped products how they will look when they arrive with the recipient. The main selling point of this product is that the packages are completely personalised, customers can pick a minimum of five items from the wide range of products for their package so the student receives exactly what they like. Packages can be sent within two days of ordering and specialised packages can be sent for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and when a new academic year starts. This report examines the product and its marketing environment to create a marketing strategy to successfully brand and deliver the product online.

 Marketing Mix:

Product Student Treats is an online service allowing friends and family of students to send personalized packages anywhere in the UK. The contents of the package is chosen online and includes food items, home ware, stationary and specialized items such as fresher’s dressing up pieces. The packages can contain whatever the customer chooses and a minimum of five items can be chosen.
Price The prices of the items will aim to compete with those of large supermarkets such as ASDA. Profit will be made on the content of the packages; these will be bought in bulk. Profit will also be made through advertising on the website.
Place The product can be accessed on the internet, the structure of the website will be easy to navigate and will appeal to the wide demographic of 18+. With a large growth in internet shopping, the majority of the demographic will be able to access the product easily.
Promotion With a wide demographic the product will be promoted in a wide range of places. These will include social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to appeal to the 18-40 demographic and in magazines such as Woman and Home to appeal to the 40+ demographic; this will be amplified during seasonal periods. It will mainly be promoted on UCAS sites and The Student Room. Promotional discounts will be advertised at the beginning of each academic term, ensuring business throughout the year. Direct marketing may also be used. Information about discounts and special offers may be sent to customers who have a log in account via email or direct mail. This will be done primarily in seasonal periods and at the beginning of the academic term. 

  Secondary Research

Internet research

Competitors in the market: research into the pricing and branding of similar companies, ensuring Student Treats have competitive prices and innovative branding.


 Supermarket Research:

Competitive prices on products Student Treats are likely to make most profit on: the most competitive financial competition for Student Treats will be supermarkets such as ASDA; this research will enable Student Treats to recognise the pricing of the products that are likely to be most profitable to these.


Primary Research

Marketing Mix

Taking information from the four elements analysed in the marketing mix, Student Treats can assess how each element and all the elements combined can promote and deliver the product effectively.

 SWOT analysis

Strengths: The strengths in this business lie in the pricing and the possibilities of expansion into other markets. The company will be buying all its products in bulk from their manufacturers, this will therefore mean buying cheaply and selling at lower prices, competing with similar brands and online sites. As it is mainly selling gifting ideas there are opportunities to expand into personalised gifting for children and also adults, sending personalised gifts to people at work or school. The company could also expand its student site by selling more expensive products such as rice steamers, slow cookers and electrical goods such as portable speakers.

Weaknesses: The main weakness in the company lies in pricing. Bulk buying may insure lower pricing; however Student Treats may find it difficult to maintain these low prices. A way to combat this would be to take some items that d not sell well off the website and eventually just sell products that are most profitable. Another issue would be storage space as for a new company; the amount of product and storage space to buy may be hard to judge, this could mean too much storage space and over spending.

Opportunities: Social and Cultural factors could have a positive impact on Student Treats. Firstly, due to the current economic state, it has been shown that many more are applying to university and higher education, this, for the company, means a higher number of people in their demographic. Another major opportunity is the huge growth in online shopping, with sites such as ebay and Amazon leading the market. Fishbein’s Theory suggests that demographic profile has a large effect on attitudes towards online shopping, research was conducted to assess whether gender, age, job designation, marital status and salary were factors in the amount one shops online. Research proved that people between the ages of 29-39 shopped online more than most (Hashim, 2009), this is a large section of Student Treat’s Demographic, parents and family members of students. The company will cater to seasonal demand, for example adding festive items to the site at Christmas, this will create a higher number of sales and the company will be targeting the older generation who may find it hard deciding what to buy a student.

Threats: The older generation, who will be targeted at seasonal times, may not partake in online shopping, if this proves to be the case the company may consider, in seasonal periods, advertising in news papers such as The Daily Telegraph and magazines such as Good Housekeeping and Woman and Home. A major threat may be that similar sites that sell pre made packages move on to a more personalised approach and may sell their products at a lower price, if this was the case Student Treats may have to decrease the number of products that do not sell. Many of the products sold on are products that are sold at supermarkets with very competitive prices; this indicates one of the main threats would be potential customers buying the products from supermarkets. To reduce this, Student Treats, through advertising, would increase emphasis on the gift wrapping and free delivery of the product.


  • Student Treats must price their items competitively and challenge the prices of supermarkets such as ASDA and TESCO.
  • Student Treats should aim to be perceived as an environmentally friendly company and whenever possible make materials they use recyclable.
  •  For an effective marketing campaign, Student Treats must promote itself on UCAS online and various social networking sites. The company must also effectively promote itself to the older segment of its demographic by advertising in magazines and websites aimed at that demographic.


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I have a keen interest in Public Relations and after writing an essay on PR on the web I came across Splendid Communications. The company is totally modern and exciting and this shows through their contemporary website and fab social media awareness. I am so excited to have been offered a placement there this summer.

Splendid are a communications agency with offices in London, New York and Australia. Specialising in creating communications within brand strategy, PR, social media and event marketing. Splendid have successfully worked with clients such as Marmite, Smirnoff, MAC and Spotify, creating films, events and hype for the companies!

Some of Splendid‘s most memorable work is with Marmite. Not only did they persuade Simon Cowell to declare his love for it on TV but they also cleverly devised a campaign during the General Election featuring two  parties the “The Love Party” and “The Hate Party“. The campaign was posted over all media platforms and was a great success! I myself, support The Love Party!

Splendid have a big involvement with music and events and  won the 2010 Music Week Award for Best Music & Brand Partnership for Smirnoff’s Creative Grants music event programme. They also organise a four-day music experience in Seattle, Bumbershot Music USA!

Splendid work closely with Smirnoff Creative Grants and encourage promoters to apply by telling the inspiring story of  Radio 1 DJ and Bestival King Rob da Bank, check out the video…

Splendid are so good because they are so aware of how fast the world is moving. They have superb awareness of social media and post info and job vacancies on their very active Facebook page! I am so excited to work with such a modern and innovative company!

Jessie J Wins BBC Sound of 2011

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With her single ‘Do it like a dude’ being played more and more on the Radio we’re likely to be hearing a lot more from Jessie J as she’s announced the winner of BBC’s Sound of 2011.

Taking the crown from Ellie Goulding’s 2010 win, 22-year-old Jessica Cornish will bring a new R&B style to 2011. She wrote poetry as a child and attended the famed Brit School which led to her first record deal with Gut Records and early interest from R ‘n’ B communities in the United States.

Jessie J originally wrote ‘Do it like a dude’ with Rihanna in mind but thought she would keep it for herself. She was right! As well as high-profile writing for Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake is also a massive fan! View BBC’s official Jessie J page.

BBC Sound of 2011 The Top 5:

1. Jessie J

2. James Blake

3. The Vaccines

4. Jamie Woon

5. Clare Maguire

Personally, I was rooting for Nero, who sadly came in at 11th place! But I’m much looking forward to hearing more from Jessie J’s cool R&B style.

Timeline: Kate Middleton’s Most Iconic Fashion Moments

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On April 29th 2011 Kate Middleton is set to marry Prince William and join the Royal family, but will she become the Queen of fashion? Her iconic classic style has influenced fashionistas all over the world. Here are a few of her best moments.

2002: Kate won William’s heart at a University fashion show at St Andrews  donning a black see-through dress designed by fashion student Charlotte Todd. The Telegraph reports it could be worth £100,00.

2004: Kate makes a statement, donning a tweed skirt and Penelope Chilvers boots with cute long socks. Adding a bit of style to the traditional countryfied tweed.

2006: One of my absolute favourite’s! Kate matches perfectly a gorgeous cream coat, shoes and fascinator at the wedding of Laura Parker-Bowles and Harry Lopes. Like so many of her moments the simplicity of this outfit is so stylish.

2007: Kate wore a high street beauty from Topshop for her 25th birthday.

2008: Donning a pair of neon hot pants Kate wears this spangley outfit to a charity roller disco.

2010:  Kate wore a dress by Issa to announce her engagement to Prince William. Possibly her finest fashion moment, the same sapphire blue as her engagement ring, what a beauty!

Take a peek at Vogue’s fave Kate moments!

Clarence House Announces More…… On Twitter?

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Little has been heard about any major details of the Royal Wedding so far, as I looked at my Twitter page yesterday afternoon all was revealed. Yes, I follow Clarence House on Twitter. I expected to read about the details of the wedding in the paper, but there it was, on my Twitter feed. Fabulous. I later read an article on the day in today’s Telegraph.

After this very modern disclosure I can finally (excitedly) write about the proceedings! The 11am service on the 29th April will take place in Westminster Abbey. Another modern touch, Kate, breaking centuries of tradition, will be arriving by car as opposed to ceremonial coach. This will undoubtedly have angered many and it would have been lovely to see the bride and her father Michael in the coach. Though it may be for security reasons and if the couple want their day to be a low key, modern event then so be it.

Kate and her father will travel to the service starting at either Buckingham Palace, St James’s Palace or Clarence House. The car will then travel pass landmarks such as The Mall, Horse Guards Parade Whitehall and Parliament Square. After the ceremony the married couple will travel by horse and carriage through London so the public can get a glimpse!

The Queen will then give a reception at Buckingham Palace with several hundred guests, later on that night The Prince of Wales will hold dinner and dancing. It’ll be a big day for Kate and William and all of Britain.

The announcements on Twitter are a testament to the impact of social networking today!

Have you survived the sales?

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So, Christmas day excitement is over and the Boxing Day sales begin. This, for many, means getting early and battling through the stores at dawn to find the best bargains, finished with a lovely breakfast. For me, this meant getting up at 3:50AM to be in Next in Southampton at 5AM. I’ve worked at Next for about two years now and do not look forward to the busy sales and crazy shoppers that come with them.

On Christmas Eve, behind the scenes of the sales, the whole staff at Next and all other retailers transform their shops from merchandised, organised fashion to rows of hanging garments with large coloured tags. Making life as simple as possible for crazed 5AM shoppers barging and grabbing onto whatever looks like a bargain. Though being shoved about while trying to tidy clothes on the shop floor is something I will never enjoy, I do see why these loony people get up at stupid o’ clock to purchase the best items. At half price or less you can’t really go wrong.

With an impending VAT rise and the huge popularity of online shopping the shops weren’t sure what they were in for. But sure enough at 5AM on the 27th the queue was out the door of West Quay shopping centre in Southampton 50 shoppers strong.

With lots of stores a including Next, John Lewis and Harrods closed on Boxing Day, BBC News reports of a ‘slump in Boxing Day sales’ the report states that ‘a survey, by analysts Synovate, showed a 22.8% fall in the number of shoppers on Boxing Day this year.’

The report also states ‘The BRC surveyed 17 major retailers, accounting for 51% of UK retailing by turnover, between 22 November and 1 December. It found that 64% of them thought retail sales would worsen in 2011, against 18% who expected an improvement and 18% who thought conditions would stay the same.’ With the rise in VAT and a growing concerns about inflation maybe this is the start of a dismal year for the high street.

Have you braved the sales?

It’s Another X Factor Christmas

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X factor winner Matt Cardle nabbed the number one spot in the Christmas Top 40 this year with his debut single ‘When We Collide’. Selling 430,000 copies, beating his more experienced contenders to the number one spot.

Facebook fuelled tracks ‘Surfin’ Bird’ by The Trashmen and Rage Against the Machine were at number three and 21. What’s My Name by Rihanna Ft Drake came in at number two.

I’m pretty traditional and think the Christmas number one should be a Christmas song, not really sure why, just seems more festive I think. The Christmas charts have been taken over by Simon Cowell’s X Factor winner over the last few years and to be honest it’s getting a bit boring. I remember, years ago, listening to the radio with family and friends on the Sunday before Christmas eagerly awaiting the top 10 spots. It seemed to be so much more of a big deal then, exciting.

 Last year Rage Against the Machine topped the charts with ‘Killing in the Name’ fuelled by a huge Facebook backlash towards the X Factor empire. This was pretty exciting. Although it’s far from a lovely Christmassy tune at least it brought a bit of excitement back to the Christmas chart. Click here to see the official page, it’s a social media phenomenon really.

I have nothing against Matt Cardle and he was my favourite to win this years X factor and seems like a genuinely talented artist with a great voice. Just hope Xmas doesn’t turn into X Factor and maybe next year the charts will be exciting and above all festive.