About Me

Hi, I’m Holly, I was born and brought up in the New Forest not too far from Bournemouth where I now attend University. I’m totally new to blogging and am excited to have somewhere to post thoughts, pieces and academic work. I’m studying Communication and Media and hope eventually to pursue a career within the media and gain loads of experience along the way, exploring further into how the media shapes the way we view the world.

I love music and have attended music festivals such as Bestival on the Isle of Wight and FIB in Spain. I also love writing about fashion and the newest trends and icons. I have a keen interest in Public Relations and am so excited to be working with Splendid Communications this summer.

To get to know me a little better, here are my Top 5 Websites:            

1. perezhilton.com– keeping up to date with the latest celeb gossip from Perez Hilton, mostly hollywood stories, absolutely love the style of his website, galleries, paps and comments.

2. facebook.com– enables me to keep in touch with friends and keep up to date with what everyone has been up to. Facebook also allows me to share pictures and events with my friends.

3. guardian.co.uk – The Guardian is my favourite newspaper, I use the website to see day-to-day and breaking stories, and also enjoy online features such as the picture galleries. The media section is my favourite part of the site as I can read the latest interesting media issues and apply them in my academic work.

4. glamourmagazine.co.uk–  Glamour is my favourite magazine, the website has a really fun layout and has the latest celeb gossip and fashion trends. I love the features in Glamour. They’re always interesting and deal with subjects other fashion and celeb mags do not, such as sex and psychology. I also use the news junkie blog on the site to keep up to date with opinion news.

5. NME.com– NME is my first port of call for the latest music news, interviews and stunning photography. NME always have original reviews, interviews and fab opinion pieces. Tickets and gigs are also advertised on their site.


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