Gaga on Radio One’s Big Weekend

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So she turned up to the Grammys in an egg, and Radio 1’s Big Weekend in a coffin, seemingly pregnant. After an impressive entrance Gaga powered through an hour long set to the 20,000 strong audience at Carlisle. Watching it at home with friends, there were mixed reviews…

After the black latex-esq pregnant belly was removed Gaga wore an assortment of morbid black leather outfits, with dancers, classics such as Just Dance and Poker Face and a jazzy guest from New York the show commenced….

Many were, I think, expected a more aesthetically spectacular show, I personally would have liked to have seen some more spectacular outfits. Though one of my friends likened her to a bar singer, I thought her rendition of Orange Coloured Sky, Speechless and The Edge of Glory were beautifully performed!


The Big Day

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So, the 29th April came and went and by the end when tears had been shed and parties had, a glimmer of pride remained in the eyes of all who watched and celebrated the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

It’s 9:30 and the majority of the UK who are lucky enough to have the day off school or work are starting to get ready for the day with the either Huw Edwards or Phillip Scofield talking through the proceedings as an array of guests arrive at Westminster Abbey. The Beckham’s and Elton John and David Furnish can be spied within the crowd along with other celebs and Royal faces, some in questionable outfits, some in spot on attire.

Others who bravely camped out in London overnight take their positions around London, hoping to get a glimpse of the wedding procession. At 10:15 chants can be heard outside Clarence House ‘We Want Wills’, around two minutes later Price William and Prince Harry Emerge, William wearing the uniform of Colonel in The Irish Guards. They both coolly wave at the crowds, looking calm as the frantic crowds scream  for them.

At 10:30 Carol and James Middleton arrive, Carol in ice blue (an instant hit with fashion commentators) and James in tails. They both looked excited as they walk into the Abbey. Then at around 10:50, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…..

Catherine and her Father, Micheal, emerge from the hotel and we get the first glimpse of the delicate laced sleeves of her Sarah Burton gown. She looks collected and excited, Micheal looking the same and waves to the crowds. Her natural make-up and romantic half-up-half-down hair is stunning.

After a glimpse of the Queen in sunny yellow, Pippa Middleton looking equally beautiful as her sister, arrives with the bridesmaids and paige boys. Then the iconic image of Catherine emerging from the car and the gown in profile as she waves to the crowds around her. Her gown is perfect, and she looked every bit a Princess. The Middleton’s looked on during the ceremony, just a family watching their girl marry the man she loves and start a family of her own. For those watching at home or on a big screen in Hyde Park it was an overwhelming ceremony to witness.

The Balcony Kiss was then the last part of day before the general public left the guest list and the couple could enjoy their day with loved ones. The rest of us then proceeded to have street parties or BBQs to celebrate a day to be proud. For me this was a lovely BBQ in the back garden with university friends and making a very British Banoffee Pie, another moment of great pride.

Bon Iver: The Sound of My Summer

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……… and every other season of the year! After being introduced to the band by a friend a few years ago I’ve been in love ever since!

Founded by American singer song writer Justin Vernon from Wisconsin, who put together the beautiful album For Emma Forever Ago. Their music is absolutely gorgeous with beautiful acoustics and harmonies and Justin Vernon’s captivating voice. They performed at Coachella this year and Vernon even sat in a performance with Kanye West. They also feature on the Twilight Saga’s New Moon soundtrack with their stunning song Roslyn.

I listen to my favourite of their albums For Emma Forever Ago so so much and have never once got bored and doubt I ever will!

Definitely worth a listen, here’s a cheeky vid of my favourite track, Skinny Love.

Tea Loaf Recipe

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As well as music, friends and wine, baking is something I love to do to unwind and have fun! I’ve recently really got into it and a few weeks ago my lovely Mummy gave me the recipe for Tea Loaf…..

Here's one I made earlier

It’s basically fruit bread, but with a twist and this fat-free beauty is so easy to make. If you’re like me and trying to slim down for summer tea loaf is fab because it’s filling and as there’s no butter in it it has zero fat.

The loaves have gone down a treat with my friends and I’ve had lots of requests for the recipe so here it is!

You will need:

1 pint strong tea                                                 A  large mixing bowl

500g mixed dried fruit                                   2 loaf tins or one cake tin

8oz light brown sugar                                     Grease proof/ baking paper

1Ib self- raising flour                                       Cling film or tin foil for storage

1 egg


Pre-heat the oven to 170 degrees/ gas mark 3/4

Soak the fruit and tea together in the mixing bowl for a minimum of half an hour (could be overnight if you’re very organised!)

When it’s all lovely and soaked stir in the sugar then the flour then the egg. Stir well making sure all is mixed in thoroughly

Line the loaf tins/ cake tin with baking paper, then add the mixture and bake for around 1hr 15mins- but check after about an hour.

Keep in the baking paper and wrap in foil or cling film immediately to keep it moist, let it stand for about an hour, then make a cuppa and enjoy a large hunk!

Sarah Burton to design the dress?

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The rumours that Sarah Burton, new head of fashion house Alexander McQueen, is going to be designing Kate Middleton’s wedding dress are being banded around all over the place, though she is denying that she’ll be the lucky designer.

With contenders such as Alice Temperley and Bruce Oldfield, the new head of the boundary-pushing McQueen label may seem quite a controversial choice. Though after Burton revealed the Alexander McQueen winter 2011 ready to wear collection in Paris, she could just be the one!

After the details of the big day were revealed on Twitter (check out my post on this) it is clear Kate and William are going for a less traditional event than that of Charles and Diana. Though Kate could wear whatever she chooses, it can be imagined she’ll go for a more demur look than spaghetti straps or a plunging neckline, but maybe she’ll add some classy sass to the traditional frock and perhaps Burton can make this happen.

Burton showcased some STUNNING pieces in Paris Fashion Week, many of which had a very bridal feel…

The romantic frills, high necklines and beautiful embroidery would be fit for any royal-bride-to-be but the pieces were also sexy and edgy.

The high neckline fits the royal bridal bill, but the bare arms and the frantic design of the full skirt give the dresses the edgy and sassy McQueen look.

So Burton’s designs are fabulous, but it would seem they’re going to make us wait a bit longer until the designer is finally announced!

Annie Leibovitz’s Disney Dreams

March 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

So lovely! Annie Leibovitz has teamed up with Disney and created some beautiful photography. The pictures encompass Annie’s vision and some iconic Disney moments! Disney Parks unveiled the pics last week.

Here we have Beyoncé Knowles as Alice , Lyle Lovett as the March Hare and Oliver Platt as the Mad Hatter.
David Beckham portrays Prince Phillip slaying the dragon in Sleeping Beauty.
This, I think, is my favourite of them all! Jeff Bridges and Penelope Cruz are Beauty and The Beast.
The collection is so interesting to look at, and Leibovitz’s photography is mesmerizing. See if you can pinpoint all the celebs!
Check out more pics on the BBC Website.  

u.can cook with James Martin

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PR agency Grayling have teamed up with Celebrity chef James Martin and Canned Food UK to create and promote the first APP to promote cooking with Tinned foods.

The app will have recipes with tinned food as a meal or snack. The app is also said to highlight the tinned food as a source of both nutrition and convenience.

Steve Thomas, chairman of Canned Food UK, on the PR Week report said: ‘How people access information has changed significantly, and we want to make it as easy as possible for consumers to learn about the benefits of canned food. The audience we communicate with now are using digital and social media more frequently – from silver surfers to parent bloggers. As a result, we have always tried to use digital content such as webcasts, podcasts, webchats and downloadable information to engage with consumers through channels including YouTube and our website. The iPhone app is another effective way to do this.’

The app is free so all for all you iPhoners, wiz in the kitchen or not, try it out!